Northern California based, third-generation photographer Marc-Thomas Kallweit has 33 years of shooting experience having worked with a diverse range of clients such as Intel, Wells Fargo, California State Senate, California State Assembly, Nevada State Assembly, Walt Disney Company, Westfield Galleria,  Sacramento Republic F.C., Capitol Public Radio,  Elektra Records, Dorfman-Pacific, Russ Solomon (Tower Records Founder), California Democratic Party, Sacramento Magazine, Comstock’s Magazine, Sactown Magazine, to name a few.  Marc has been published in the New York Times, RollingStone.com, The Fader,  Inked Mag, Forbes, and Ink Magazine.    

In 1999 Marc moved to New York City to work with Annie Leibovitz as an intern assistant photographer during the completion of her book, WOMEN. His time in New York City included work on sets for Bloomingdale’s, Sak’s 5th, Victoria’s Secret,  HBO’s The Sopranos, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Nike and others. 

Marc’s history with his craft can be traced back to his grandfather Gustav Kallweit, a portrait photographer from Königsberg, East Prussia, Germany. Marc's father Manfred started learning about photography by accompanying Gustav to his local portrait sessions. While toting an 8x10 glass plate camera strapped to his back, he would take a seat behind his father on a Triumph as they would ride to the next assignment.  At the youthful age of 15  Manfred moved from northern Germany to Dusseldorf to find work and start a new life. Even though he was too young to work, his tenacity in school earned him his status of "Foto Kaufmann." Manfred would end up working at Henkel GMBH, and then eventually at Photo City in Düsseldorf. It was during this time he would meet his first wife Ulrike. In 1965 Manfred and Ulrike immigrated to the United States to pursue the American dream.  In 1977 Manfred purchased John Pardee Photographic Supplies (later Pardee's Cameras) in Sacramento, where Marc became immersed in the world of photography. Pardee’s Cameras established itself as a leading, service oriented photography supply company in Northern California and served as a major influence in Marc’s development as a photographer.



"Marc Kallweit is an extraordinary photographer. He is the consummate professional and has been a real pleasure to work with in the California State Assembly. I have known Marc since 2005 when he first started a partnership with us to coordinate photo shoots for the eighty Members of the California Assembly. Marc's ability to meet the needs of some of the most influential elected officials in the state, demonstrated that he had the combination of skills that are essential for delivering a quality product." 

-DOTSON WILSON   Chief Clerk and Parliamentarian California State Assembly (1992-2019)


Marc Kallweit photography resume 

PARDEE'S CAMERAS, Sacramento CA. Manfred Kallweit (Family owned since 1977). 1987-1999 & 2003-2005. Retail: Inventory management and sales consultant all things photographic, cameras, lenses lighting equipment, films, accessories. BUY-SELL-TRADE: used and collectibles. Darkroom printer. Pardee’s Cameras marketing photography.   


Photographer ANNIE LEIBOVITZ, New York City 1999-2000. Kara Glynn, studio manager. Part time employment, internship, No. 5 Assistant photographer: Editorial portraiture. Helped finish production on Annie's book: WOMEN. Worked on set during shoots for VANITY FAIR, HARPER'S BAZAAR, & VOGUE magazines. Studio and camera maintenance, photo shoot equipment break-down and transportation.  Annie’s personal cappuccino runner.  


FOTOCARE New York City 1999-2000. Jeff Hirsch, owner.  Retail: Professional photography equipment sales and consultation. (Sinar Bron, Profoto, Leica, Nikon, Canon, Contax 645, Mamiya, Arca Swiss, Foba, Phase One, Kodak/Fuji Professional) 


DRIVE IN STUDIOS, New York City 2000-2001. (Full time employment. Kimberly Woods Slayton: owner. Ted Harrison: studio manager).  Studio maintenance, set building/photo shoot logistics, professional photo equipment rentals: ProFoto lighting systems (2400 Watt Second generators), HMI Lighting, medium and large format camera systems. Cafe barista. Worked in conjunction with Sunset Studios, MILK Studios, etc. 


  • Photographer MICHAEL O’NEILL New York City, 2001. Internship/Assistant photographer: fashion, beauty, editorial portraiture.  

  • Photographer CHRISTOPHER MICAUD New York City, 2001. No. 2 and 3 freelance assistant photographers. Fashion/beauty photography: Victoria's Secret, Saks 5th, Bloomingdales. 

  • Photographer WILLIAM ABRANOWICZ, New York City, 2001. No. 1-2 freelance assistant photographer. Editorial architecture/interior photography. 

  • Photographer PATRICK DEMARCHELIER, New York City, 2001. No. 4 assistant photographer.  Fashion editorial for Harper’s Bazaar  

  • Photographer NORMAN JEAN ROY, New York City, 2002. No. 3 assistant photographer. Editorial portraiture, Vanity Fair Magazine 

  • Photographer DANIELLE LEVITT, New York City, 2002-03. No. 1 assistant photographer: Editorial portraiture, Details Magazine 

  • Photographer STEPHEN DANELIAN, New York City, 2002. No. 2 assistant photographer: Editorial portraiture, The Sopranos for TV Guide, U.S. Postal Service, Vanity Fair.  

  • Photographer FRANK FORTIS, New York City 2003. No. 3 Assistant photographer. Commercial catalog photography for Company Store  (Location set photography in Pennsylvania and Connecticut).

  • Photographer MICHAEL GRIMM, New York City 2002-'03. No. 1 Assistant photographer: Architecture photography, commercial/catalog, fashion. 4x5 format. 


In order to acclimate to the new world of digital capture and workflow I attended digital training seminars by Seth Resnick and Jamie Spritzer. 

D-65 workshops, New York City, 2004, 2006, 2008


MARC THOMAS KALLWEIT, freelance photographer, videographer, 2004-current

Foto Kallweit Multimedia & Design, 2021. Foto Kallweit since 1919. 

GENRE AND SERVICES: Editorial, Commercial, Portraiture, Corporate, Event, Lifestyle, Fine-Art:  Architecture • Interior • Portraiture: Editorial, Location, Environmental, Large-group,  Official State legislative, Legislative panoramic chamber portraiture • Musicians/bands • Movie set b-roll • Event • Mobile capture/ processing and print stations • Travel/Lifestyle • Videography/directing • Music Video • Drone • Action/sports • Food and Drink • Marine • Automotive • Still life: Apparel, Product • Fashion/Beauty • Weddings/Engagement • Assignment photography proposals and contracts • location Scouting/photo shoot logistics • Custom ink-jet printing • Specializing in client/customer service and relations.   Adobe Lightroom • Adobe Premier • CANON • LEICA • FUJI GFX • PHASE ONE • PROFOTO • BRONCOLOR 

  • SACTOWN MAGAZINE  2007-2019. Editorial photography, Rob and Elyssa Turner, owners/editors in chief. Mobile capture and instant magazine cover processing and print stations (Bastille Day events, 2013-18)

  • SACRAMENTO MAGAZINE  2016-2017. Editorial photography, portraiture.

  • COMSTOCK'S MAGAZINE  Sacramento 2005-07.  Editorial photography. 

  • SENSES MAGAZINE Sacramento, CA. Fashion photography 2004-07. 

  • PROSPER MAGAZINE Sacramento, CA. 2005-07. Editorial photography 

  • NO BRAINER FILMS (Jamie Foxx and Deon Taylor) Los Angeles, CA. 2008-14. Movie set behind the scenes photography, portraiture, advertising. 

  • THE PHOTOSOURCE Sacramento, CA. 2004-2014. Artwork reproduction photography 

  • WELLS FARGO, Sacramento, CA. 2007-2016. Event photography, mobile capture and print stations.  

  • HIGHLANDER FILMS  Los Angeles/Sacramento CA. 2005-2013 (Len McLeod: founder). Movie, animation sound studio production b-roll and marketing portraiture.  

  • INTEL Folsom CA. 2015. Corporate Advertising photography  

  • PARAGARY RESTAURANT GROUP Sacramento CA. 2005-2008.  Marketing/website content. Food/drink and interior photography.  

  • CACHE CREEK CASINO Brooks, CA. 2014-17. Advertising/marketing, "Destination" Magazine Cover photography

  • WESTFIELD GALLERIA AT ROSEVILLE, CA. 2008-2018. Corporate event, marketing, portraiture  

  • WALT DISNEY CO. Los Angeles CA. 2009. Marketing/interior photography, Disney Store at Westfield Galleria.

  • CALIFORNIA STATE SENATE  2005-current. Official panoramic chamber portrait photographer

  • CALIFORNIA STATE ASSEMBLY  2005-current. Post-election CA legislative official portrait photographer, official panoramic chamber portrait photographer. 

  • NEVADA STATE ASSEMBLY Carson City, NV. 2016-current. Official panoramic chamber portrait photographer.  

  • SACRAMENTO REPUBLIC F.C. 2014-17. Advertising/marketing and sports photography 

  • GREATER SACRAMENTO ECONOMIC COUNCIL 2014-19. Corporate location portraiture 

  • RUSS SOLOMON  Founder of Tower Records, Sacramento, CA. Photo consultation, wedding photography, family portrait photography.  

  • CALIFORNIA CORRECTIONAL PEACE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION Sacramento CA 2005-2011. Photography, Videography and editing.  

  • CAPITAL PUBLIC RADIO  Sacramento, CA. 2017. Corporate portrait photography 

  • BETH RUYAK MEDIA  Sacramento. CA. 2008-current. Event, portrait photography 

  • CBA SITE SERVICES  Sacramento CA. 2008-2020 Corporate event photography. Portraiture  

  • SACRAMENTO CROCKER ART MUSEUM  2014 Event, capture and instant print station photography for Neo Crocker Event.  

  • THE TRENCHLESS COMPANY  Sacramento, CA. 2015-current. Location marketing/advertising photography. Website content. 

  • DORFMAN-PACIFIC Stockton CA. 2016. Commercial product photography: headwear/ hats.  Part time seasonal 

  • CA DEMOCRATIC PARTY Sacramento, CA. 2016 Portraiture 

  • INK MAGAZINE 2016 One time editorial contribution, NBA center Willie Cauley-Stein

  • ELEKTRA/FUELED BY RAMEN RECORDS Los Angeles, CA.  2014-15.  Commercial, band/album photography. Sublime with Rome, "Yours Truly" album. 

  • SUBLIME WITH ROME MUSIC  Los Angeles, CA.  2014-15. Commercial, band/album photography

  • BRASSWOOD ESTATES  Sonoma Valley, CA.  2017-19. Marcus Marquez (GM). Event, commercial/marketing photography. Location studio, event/portrait photography 

  • KATRINA WAN PUBLIC RELATIONS  New York City, Los Angeles CA, 2018-current. Red carpet house photographer, event photography.

  • SONNY MAYUGBA Entrepreneur, Sacramento CA. 2005-current. Startup web site content, Portrait photography. 

  • DIEPENBROCK CHAPMAN INVESTMENT GROUP Sacramento, CA. 2005-current. Location corporate portraiture, website content 

  • PARK THE VAN RECORDS Sacramento, CA. 2005-current  Music video, band photography.

  • SACRAMENTO COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL 2017-current. Marketing, web site content. Senior class portraiture, event photography

  • DUDENSING LAW Sacramento CA 2020-current. Legal photography  



Analog and digital photography, capture, natural and artificial lighting, studio and location portraiture, strobes/HMI, color temperature, editing/post-production/software, data archiving, copyright protection/registration, business, assignment photography proposals & estimates.





  • 2004, The Photosource, Sacramento CA 

  • 2007, Old Soul Coffee Co. Midtown Sacramento CA. 

  • 2010, Old Soul Coffee Co. Midtown Sacramento CA  (Faces in Sacramento Music)

  • 2012, The Urban Hive in Midtown Sacramento CA (Exhibitor and Speaker)

  • 2018, The Trade Coffee and Co-working in midtown Sacramento, CA (Location portraiture featuring midtown Sacramento business owners). 




Freelance Assistant photographer NYC 2000-2003